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X-ray microtomography measurements of paper surface roughness
Jingmei Li and Sheldon I. Green
Light-weight fibre mats were made in a handsheet former using a variety of different furnishes. With 3D X-ray microtomography, high resolution volume images of the fibre mat and forming fabric were obtained. A surface map of the fabric-side surface of the fibre mat is created using image analysis techniques. The surface roughness of the mat is studied as a function of fibre coarseness and fibre length. Increasing fibre coarseness decreases the surface smoothness of paper. For constant fibre coarseness, increasing the fibre length causes the surface roughness to decrease slightly. Both fine and coarse forming fabric were used for sheet forming. As one would anticipate, the fibre mat surface generated by a finer forming fabric is smoother.
Fibre coarseness, Fibre length, Forming fabric, Image analysis, Microtomography, Surface roughness
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